David Ildefonso Rivera  Certified Tour Guide  GT-2017-058

David Ildefonso Rivera

Certified Tour Guide



It all started when…

I returned to my heart and soul in Puerto Rico
after having lived in New York and California for over 20 years running the urban race. Grateful for all it gave me, I was ready for a life that was simple and filled with people and their joys. The love and passion for my culture and traditions grew stronger than I could have ever imagined. From that strength, IGotToursPR was born in 2009 to show the rest of the world what it means for me to be Boricua (Puerto Rican)!

For almost a decade, I explored, loved and lived the islands of Puerto Rico to discover places beyond El Yunque (The Rainforest), the Bioluminescent Bay and Old San Juan; places off the beaten path where only a local who loves his people and homeland could show you. 
Puerto Rico is rich in its beauty. I continue to love, live and discover-let me personally show you what life is like here in my heartland!

Qué chévere, ~David